Guide to Enhancing Elsword Online

+0 to +4 = 0 Fluorite Ores +4 to +6 = 1 Fluorite Ore +7 to +8 = 2 Fluorite Ores +9 to +10 = 3 Fluorite Ores +11 to +12 = 1 Fluorite Crystal So in conclusion, when enhancing, you want you use a fluorite ore to prevent resetting and/or going down and have a restoration scroll prepared in

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Was the enhancement event meant to be a fluorite ore sink

Was the enhancement event meant to be a fluorite ore sink? Discussion I used up all the event ones plus the 20 I had sitting in storage, and I only managed to get one +8 Lucky Magical Amulet.

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[Elsword NA] I just wanted +9..

End my suffering. Q: How much money I used in this video?: A: about 30mil ED (Mithril Sculptures) and 70 KChing (1+1 Blessed Fluorite Ore) Next time 99% PVE conent.

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[Elsword INT] How To Enhance +11

Buy 600 fluorite ore or more and get your lucky XD.

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Enhancement Event Elsword Online

Regular Blessed Fluorite Ore and Blessed Restoration Scroll may also be used, however, the [Cobo] version will be consumed first if both items are present in the inventory. *You can also use Blessed Fluorite Ore (Armor Only) to extract Lucky Enhancement Armor

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Fluorite Wikipedia

Fluorite is a widely occurring mineral that occurs globally with significant deposits in over 9,000 areas. It may occur as a vein deposit, especially with metallic minerals, where it often forms a part of the gangue (the surrounding "hostrock" in which valuable minerals occur) and may be associated with galena, sphalerite, barite, quartz, and calcite.

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